Beauty Booster Treatment: Battling With Dull, Dry skin & Seeing New Lines & Wrinkles?

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Introducing  the  Skin Beauty Booster Treatment

Just launched in Australia, this revolutionary anti-ageing skin treatment delivers beautifully rejuvenated, hydrated and luminous skin as an all round anti-ageing skin treatment. It can used on the face, lower eyelid, forehead, neck, decolletage and hands to achieve, firmer, tighter and more hydrated skin.  Its unique blend invigorates continuous collagen creation, regenerating and nourishing the skin. It does this by way of micro-injections of a hydrator equitably spread over the face. This hydrator comprises of an specialised patented recipe comprising of effective and natural formulations (amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins).

The Beauty Booster Treatment  results in noticeably radiant and glowing skin due to its plumping effects on the skin, its improvement of elasticity and its hydration effects. It actually treats the skin in order to improve its look and feel. Therefore, first and foremost, the Beauty Booster Treatment is an actual “Skin Treatment,” unlike other (still effective,) treatments such as Dermal Fillers.

How it works

Designed to refine dry and ageing skin, this treatment works to plump the contours of your face, while improving crepiness and ne lines. Its patented formula nourishes and treats the skin, stimulating the natural production of more collagen and elastin which is essential in assisting the restructuring of the skin.

The treatment is fast, precise and effective with a total of only around 30 minutes required to complete the treatment. Results are noticeable after the first treatment whereby lost hydration and nutrients to the skin are replenished, resulting in more youthful, glowing skin and fewer wrinkles and lines. Three treatments are recommended, of about 2-4 weeks apart for best the best results.

The Results of The Beauty Booster Treatment?

Natural, glowing, subtle results with noticeably lighter, smoother and softer skin can be expected and remain for at least 12 months with maintenance treatments as required. It is possible you may experience bruising and patchiness after treatment, which will usually disappear within 4 days, easily covered with makeup in the meantime. This downtime is reduced with each following treatment due to the dermis being repaired.

On Recap & Summary:

Beauty Booster re-thinks the treatment of skin. The superior results makes it a highly advantageous treatment to anyone who wants to improve the look and texture of their skin.

Where To Get It?

Cosmetic Image Clinics  offers this new skin treatment, the Skin Beauty Booster Treatment,  and you can find it in-store at our clinic (at Level 2, 70D Mary St, Brisbane CBD)  or  Get it Online


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