Fading or Bleaching creams for Anal or Genital Intimate Lightening

PINK BITS Anal & Genital Fading Cream – The ultimate in intimate lightening.

Pink Bits is a leading Anal and Genital bleaching fading and lightening cream, specially formulated for these intimate areas by a Cosmetic Doctor with over 20 years’ experience. Available instore and online (free shipping within Australia) at Cosmetic Image Clinics, Pink Bits premier proprietary formulation is a combination therapy with multiple lightening agents including:

  • Hydroquinone
  • Vitamins
  • Azelaic acid
  • All in a soothing and calming Aloe Vera base.

How do I use Pink Bits for Anal and Genital Bleaching?

The Cream can be applied once or twice a day to the affected areas, however it is advisable to gradually build up the application to minimise any adverse reactions.

Application of the cream should be only on the area which requires lightening. There is no need to insert the cream into the anus or vagina as these areas are lighter in colour naturally. The absorption of the cream into the body is not required (which occurs more through mucosal membranes), it only needs to be absorbed into the skin.

Can there be Side Effects to Pink Bits Fading Cream?

It is possible to experience some mild inflammation, dryness or peeling in the area in the early stages of use. It is recommended to gradually build up the dose and use a small amount initially every couple of days, either in the morning or at night. This enables the body to adjust to the cream with minimal side effects. If side effects are experienced, usually these dissipate after a reduction in dose and frequency of application. It is common to think that you may have an allergy or sensitivity to the cream however this is not usually the case. It can take a couple of weeks or so to ‘get used’ to the cream.

How long does Pink Bits take to work?

With the treatment of pigmentation anywhere in the body, you need patience and a ‘tincture of time’. Before you see any signs of improvement, the pigment that already resides in the skin must be removed. This can take time- usually two months in fact (less if you are in your 20’s) before the old pigment sheds with replacement of the lining of the skin. Patience is a virtue but all good things take time to work.

Why formulate a Premier Anal and Genital Bleaching Cream?

As a medical practitioner of a thriving Cosmetic Clinic specializing in Anti-wrinkle muscle relaxants and Fillers, I was amazed to see when exploring Google Analytics that Anal Bleaching was the No. 1 most visited page in over 200 page website www.cosmeticimageclinics.com.au. Visits to the anal bleaching page were from Sub-Saharan Africa to the urban Uber villages of ‘NuYork’. I realized that there was a niche to fill and that we had all the whiz bang technology worth over a quarter of a million dollars and the medical know-how to fulfill this global demand.

Anal and vaginal bleaching is a commonly performed procedure utilising laser, IPL, fading creams and chemical peels within Cosmetic Image Clinics, Queensland’s largest Cosmetic Medispa.

Is there Hydroquinone in Pink Bits?

We are proud to say ‘Yes, it is’, because it works. Pure and simple. It is the most potent fading cream available in the world. It is prescribed by dermatologists, cosmetic physicians and plastic and cosmetic surgeons world-wide. Nothing has surpassed it in its potency.

Upon request, you can order from our compounding pharmacy a version without hydroquinone however the process of fading and bleaching takes much longer. Non-medical fading creams proclaiming ‘natural products, safe, no side effects, homeopathic ingredients’ etc are simply are not as effective as hydroquinone and the fading, if any, takes longer and is not as effective.

Hydroquinone effectively lightens the skin. 

What should I try first?

The first line treatment would be a fading cream. If you can only afford one treatment, then buy the Pink Bits Intimate Bleaching or Fading Cream. However, as a Cosmetic Practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience, I have learnt one thing and that is, that not ‘one thing’ will do everything that you want. You might want a magic wand to wave over your deepest darkest secrets but this magic wand doesn’t exist. The closest thing to a wand is combination therapy utilising the fading cream, chemical peel and light based IPL or laser treatments. In Clinic treatments are faster and more powerful, but with patience, lower potency handheld devices will lighten your pigmentation. Our IPL, Laser and Q switched Nd Yag Laser each cost $80,000 however for you to buy your own handheld light device costs will cost only $199 (prices subject to fluctuation). 

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