Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can also be used to help turnover and eliminate the pigment that is already located within the skin. This allows the removal of the old pigment while the fading creams are taking effect and down-regulating the pigment forming cells or melanocytes. This chemical peel increases the turnover of the old pigment as fast as possible and is based on a natural sugar compound.

Why use a Chemical Peel for Genital or Anal Bleaching?

Out with the old and in with the new. This chemical peeling solution hastens the removal of dark pigment lurking within the skin of private and intimate personal areas such as genital, anal, groin, upper thigh and also underarm areas. An important part of the lightening process is to use a catalyst that speeds up the removal of the old pigment which then activates and enhances the benefits of the bleaching agents and procedures that slow down the production of new pigmentation by the melanocyte pigment forming cells in the skin.

If you don’t remove the old pigment, it is difficult to appreciate and see the skin lightening benefits of the fading agents such as the skin lightening creams and light based devices.

In fact, there can be a temporary exacerbation or worsening of the pigment when it is being broken down and gradually moving to the surface of the skin.

Anal skin turns over once every two months and chemical peels hasten the turnover rate of the skin so the pigment sloughs off faster with an underlying lighter foundation.

This chemical peel is strong enough to gently hasten the removal of the old pigmentation and encourage new, healthy ‘pink bits’ skin to shine through giving you a healthy, lighter glow

How do I use a chemical peel for Anal or Vaginal Lightening or Fading?

Apply the chemical peel once weekly to intimate areas with cottonwool balls or gauze. A normal stinging sensation is experienced which will pass within a few minutes.

If stinging is too uncomfortable, wash the area immediately with water. To neutralize or minimize discomfort if required, irrigate with water or a water soaked cloth immediately.

A fan or hair dryer on ‘cool’ can help minimize discomfort.

If no or minimal stinging occurs then do not wash off.  Leave on.

Avoid using the chemical peel on the mucosal vaginal area which is already pink and lighter coloured.  Apply only to the pigmented area surrounding the vaginal mucosal area.

If discomfort is experienced afterwards, apply a ‘barrier’ cream such as Vaseline or paw paw ointment to lessen inflammation.

Do not insert directly into the anus, only apply on the outside anal skin.

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