Fat Removal Under the Chin Without Surgery. A Recent Procedure Released & Approved into Australia.

Fat Removal Under The Chin

Want to get rid of chin fat without surgery?

Now you can. With a new non-surgical, chin fat removal procedure now released and approved in Australia everyone can have a slimmer face and look, be and feel their best.

Firstly, what causes excess fat under the chin or double chins? It is something commonly experienced by both men and women, often caused by ageing, genetics or a change in weight.

Occasionally, no matter what you do or how much you diet or exercise, fat around the chin can stubbornly remain. What’s worse is it can even make you look older and heavier than you actually are. As of February this year, there is a new available non-surgical chin fat removal procedure that involves injections under the chin to improve the appearance of double chins with lasting effects.

How Does It Work?

An injection is made under the chin and works by breaking down undesired fat over the next coming few weeks. It is based on ingredients such as deoxycholic acid, which is a chemical found naturally in the human body that disrupts the cell membrane of fat cells, which is then simply absorbed by our body’s natural systems. As deoxycholoric acid is a naturally occurring chemical in our body these injections are an effective treatment that are also long lasting, work fast and are safe.

How is the procedure performed?

Dr. Ingrid Tall, cosmetic and medical doctor with 20 years cosmetic experience and her professional team perform the fat removal procedure at Cosmetic Image Clinics, Australia’s largest Cosmetic Clinic located in Brisbane city central. It’s a very straight forward process whereby Dr. Ingrid will assess and identify the area that is to be treated and perform injections into these regions precisely and accurately.

What to Expect

There is virtually no down time with this procedure and you can usually commence with your usual daily activities the next day. Occassionally some mild side-effects are experienced such as swell, bruising or soreness, however improvements is most often seen within weeks of the first treatment. A minimum of 2 treatments is usually required for best results spaced a couple of months apart, with best results shown after approximately 12 weeks.

fat removal under the chin

How to Get it?

Look, feel and be your best with this amazing new chin fat removal treatment. Simply contact Cosmetic Image Clinics for a private and confidential appointment today.


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