Four Easy Ways To Get Your Skin Event Ready

From wedding season to cocktail parties, when it comes to special events we all want to look our very best and put our most beautiful faces forward. However, prepping and getting your skin event ready isn’t as simple as using a sheet mask the night before and praying for a clear complexion – you want to plan ahead. For skin that is radiant, healthy and perfectly clear, there is a range of treatments you can use to ensure that you are your most beautiful self when your event rolls around.

Reduce Pigmentation

To get your skin event ready, you want as clear a complexion as possible. To reduce unsightly pigmentation, darkness or redness, your go-to treatment should be Fraxel. Fraxel is a skin rejuvenation laser that targets damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate below the skin’s surface. It damages the skin tissue just the right amount to promote the body’s natural healing process, replacing the damaged cells with fresh, healthy skin that glows from the inside out. If you’re considering Fraxel, a conversation with your cosmetic specialist can help you determine a treatment plan that will help deliver optimal results. The best part about Fraxel is that it’s not a quick fix for the weekend – it actually encourages healthier skin long-term, meaning you can show-off your gorgeous skin all year long.

For an alternative with less downtime, you may want to consider a chemical peel. Chemical peels are a strong form of chemical exfoliation that causes a controlled injury to the surface skin cells. Similar to Fraxel, this causes the skin to develop new skin cells to replace the damaged ones. The result is instantly clearer skin that is glowing, fresh and smooth. While you’re able to buy different chemical peels in-store, it’s always best to speak with your cosmetic specialist to make sure you are selecting the right one for you and your skin. Because there are so many different products on the market with different active ingredients, your specialist can help you decipher the different ingredients to make sure you’re on track to your dream skin just in time for your event.

Minimise Fine Lines

Aquarius Health & Medispa also offer the ultimate anti-ageing treatment: the Youth Elixir facial. Offering an intense infusion of skin-rejuvenating omega serums, collagen and essential oils, the Youth Elixir facial is a powerful treatment that deeply replenishes, renews and revitalises the skin. With rose balsam essential oil, crushed nut butters and rich anti-ageing vitamins, the Youth Elixir facial effectively nourishes dry, ageing or sensitive skin, delivering deep hydration that plumps and nourishes the skin. For smoother, younger-looking skin, make sure this facial is part of your event-season prep!

Written by Siobhan Taylor

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