Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweating

It’s normal to perspire, but hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a real issue for an estimated 3% of the population. It can be frustrating and cause severe embarrassment to live with overactive sweat glands. This generally begins around puberty. Although not a disease in itself, it does cause acute social embarrassment for many people who are affected with excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating cause’s social embarrassment due to the sweat marks which are evident on their clothes. Often people find they can only wear certain coloured clothing because of the ‘tide marks’ of sweat. Also for some, a malodour associated with perspiration is problematic. Others report an acute problem when they are publicly speaking or when they are under stress.

It is always prudent to undergo a thyroid function blood test to ensure that the thyroid hormone is not overactive as this can cause excessive sweating. Many people try numerous types of anti-perspirants without success. Also some consider undergoing an operation called a ‘Lateral Sympathectomy’ which is a surgical laparoscopic procedure that severs some of the nerves running along the spine which control the sweating reflex. Many people find this option rather intimidating and prefer to use other treatments to treat hyperhidrosis which include a non-surgical treatment option or Ultherapy which is a proven, safe ultrasound energy based treatment or Fractional micro-needle radiofrequency (FMR) or ‘Fractora’ which is an advanced fractional radio-frequency treatment.

A hospital stay and surgery are not your only option to address the issue of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

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