Injecting Technique – The Key To A Successful Result

When it comes to spotting people who have had obvious cosmetic work, the chipmunk cheek is a sure giveaway. This look can result from the older style facial implants, but increasingly more often these days it is due to poorly injected dermal filler. When dermal filler has been injected inappropriately, the product collects in the centre of the mid-face and causes a bunched up ‘fat look’, distorting the person’s profile.

The ideal look for a woman is to have what is known as the ‘OG’ facial side profile of models and movie stars. This describes a structure is where the cheekbone creates the O curve and the side of the face curves around the jaw line to make up the G shape for the perfect profile.

To help create the ‘OG’ profile, dermal filler is injected across the mid-face to enhance the cheeks, and in some cases this will lift the face.

Using this technique, I have recently treated a patient and not only did the treatment enhance the cheeks but the treatment also lifted her face enough to smooth out her nasolabial folds (the lines between the nose and the mouth).

Another area where the injecting technique is pivotal to success is when the hollows under the eyes are treated. For the best results, the filler is required to be injected close to the bone structure in order for the substance to be secure and not move after treatment. The filler can be injected deeply and massaged into place to fill sunken eyes, giving patients a refreshed appearance.

I strongly recommend that patients check with their Doctor as to where and why the filler is administered before agreeing to treatment.

Dr Ingrid Tall

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