Laser Therapies

Laser is a relatively new technology that treats a variety of skin problems.

Laser therapies – treatments are non-invasive procedures with minimal downtime, previously many skin conditions had to be treated by surgery or more invasive treatments which led to long recovery periods and more downtime.

Laser treatments treat a range of age, skin and sun related conditions, such as pigmentation problems, scarring, vascular conditions, skin tightening, improving skin texture and wrinkles; as well as hair and tattoo removal for both men and women.

Are laser treatments safe is one of the most commonly asked questions? The answer is yes, if your laser technician is trained, experienced and licensed to use a laser. Also check that your laser technician uses a quality, medical grade laser. There are many cheap lasers on the market that can be bought online, which may not be as effective or safe.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your laser technician, they should also take the time to talk to you about your needs and what you want from your treatment. Some lasers are more suited to treat darker skin, while others suit lighter skin and different lasers are more suited to treat different skin conditions.

Another often asked question is – are there any side effects from having laser treatments? Most skin laser therapies are non-invasive, with no downtime. With some treatments you may experience some sensitivity, redness and swelling. Don’t be afraid to talk to the laser technician before your treatment to discuss any possible side effects. An established, reputable clinic will be able to provide you advice regarding any concerns you may have and may provide you with information on before and after care.

“One important thing to remember is to always cover up when you go into the sun after having any type of laser treatment, as your skin will be very sensitive to the suns UV rays and ensure that you use SPF 30+ sunblock for any outdoor activities.”

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Laser treatments including facial rejuvenation, hair and tattoo removal are available at Cosmetic Image Clinics, so if you would like to book an appointment or to speak with our cosmetic medicine team, see the contact options on the right.

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