Mole Removal Without Surgery – What You Need To Know & How To Get It.

Mole Removal Without Surgery - What You Need To Know & How To Get It.

mole removal without surgery in brisbane

Moles are dark and irregular spots on the skin found on most people to some extent. The majority of people with moles feel self-conscious about them or find them unattractive and undesirable. Additionally, birthmarks, hemangiomas (non-cancerous growths) and keratoses, (a harmless skin growth that resembles warts) may also be present on a lot of people. Cosmetic Image Clinics, offers effective mole removal procedures without the need of surgery. This article will outline this innovative procedure and how you can get it for yourself as a much less invasive alternative to traditional methods.


While there are many mole removal procedures available, it’s important to understand what they offer and provide before deciding on the best option for you. The problem with surgical procedures of removing moles is that they often leave unsightly scars. Surgery for example, involves either excision with cauterization or excision with stitches. Both ways involve removal of moles using a blade and may not be the ideal option for those who like to keep up their appearances and feel their best. The ultimate alternative is to go for non-surgical mole removal.


Dr Ingrid Tall, owner and cosmetic doctor of the awarded Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic, Cosmetic Image Clinics, has 20 years cosmetic doctor experience and has effectively performed a great number of mole removals without surgery to great success.

Using cutting edge and the highest quality level, Ellman Surgitron Diathermy Innovation; undesirable moles can be removed. It is a successful radio frequency shaving methodology and performed often by our professional team to the great delight to our valued clients. The entire Mole Removal procedure takes less than an hour. After the treatment, it will take just a week or two for the healing process to complete. While there are no special precautions, its advisable you need to take care post Mole Removal, and keep the treated area covered with a dressing.


If you feel self-conscious or just want the mole removed as it is a nuisance, then talk to us about this effective and non-invasive removal of cosmetic benign moles or skin tags. Or visit our website to book your appointment today-

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