Specially Made For Anal & Genital Bleaching

Pink Bits

Pink Bits -
Fading Cream

Embarrassed in intimate situations due to pigmentation?

Pink Bits is a leading anal & genital bleaching, fading and lightening cream, specially formulated for these intimate areas, and can also be used on anywhere else on the body.Ā  A special formula created by Dr Ingrid Tall with over 20 years experience in the cosmetic industry.

Pink Bits

Formulated for 'private' areas

Contains natural ingredients

Anal & Vaginal Whitening Cream

no appointment required

DIY Application

#1 Rated Anal Bleaching Cream - Pink Bits Anal Lightener

Pink Bits Fading Cream

$99 + FREE Domestic Shipping

Pink Bits is a combination therapy with multiple lightening agents including:
šŸ’–Ā World’s Number 1 Doctors evidence-based bleaching prescription agent
šŸ’– Vitamin A,C & EĀ 
šŸ’– Arbutin – A lightening organic compound derived from Pear trees and used in Japanese Medicine
šŸ’– Liquorice – Natural lightening agent
šŸ’– Kojic Acid – Extracted from organic berries
šŸ’– Soothing and calming Aloe Vera base.
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Most frequently asked questions

The results can take 1-2 months due to the body’s turnover of the skin.Ā 

It’s 100% Free for orders in Australia, however there are shipping charges for international orders, which is automatically calculated for you at the checkout.Ā