Laser Tattoo Removal

Don’t make your tattoo an everlasting mistake!

Sometimes life changes and what was once important now seems less relevant. If part of that period in your past was to get a tattoo it can be that something holding you back from your next phase in life.

If you’re rethinking your ink, then Laser Tattoo Removal may be a good option for you.

Tattoo regret, relationship break-ups and job-hunting are among the reasons people opt to erase their body art.

Before Angelina Jolie Tattoo Removal at Cosmetic Image Clinics Brisbane City CBDAfter Angelina Jolie Tattoo Removal at Cosmetic Image Clinics Brisbane City CBD

Actress Angelina Jolie is one of thousands that have had a tattoo removed. The tattoo bearing her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton’s name (below) was removed, replacing it with an inking revealing the co-ordinates of the birthplaces of her six children.

Having that unwanted tattoo removed can alleviate the need to cover up when job hunting or wearing that favourite dress. Laser Tattoo Removal can be used to completely remove a tattoo or fade it for future modification or correction.

Since the boom in tattooing, tattoo removal is becoming a more commonly requested procedure. Laser tattoo removing clinics are becoming more prevalent and competitive and so you must consider what factors are important to you. Ensuring that the clinic is medically supervised, that they are using the latest laser equipment and that the technicians are fully trained is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I get my tattoo removed at Cosmetic Image Clinics?

Cosmetic Image Clinics in our award winning Aquarius Health and Medispa, voted best Medispa for 2014 by the Australasian Spa Association is owned and operated by Dr Ingrid Tall who has over 20 years of experience in the cosmetic medicine industry.

All Laser Tattoo Removal procedures performed at Queensland’s largest cosmetic clinic, Cosmetic Image Clinics are medically supervised, performed by a Queensland Health licensed laser operator in an appropriately infection controlled clinic.Laser tattoo removal at Cosmetic Image Clinics Brisbane City CBD

Pain Relief could be your main decision making reason. Our practice is medically supervised and owned and operated by a doctor who can prescribe prescription strength pain relief to help alleviate the discomfort associated with tattoo removal.  Non-medically owned clinics cannot provide prescription strength numbing cream (only ‘EMLA” which you can buy over the counter at the pharmacy), let alone local anaesthetic injections, pain killers and anxiety relieving medications and other forms of pain relief if required.  Please tell us any special requirements you may have when booking in.

Also we use a medical grade 4 wavelength Q-switched laser which is found in only the best tattoo removing lasers such as Pastelle, Revlite and Medlite. This ensures that difficult to treat colours can be addressed and treated to the best possible clinical capacity.

Our clinical aesthetic team is highly trained in tattoo removal procedures and we have the latest laser equipment, so if experience and credibility is what you are looking for, then make Queensland’s largest cosmetic clinic, Cosmetic Image Clinics your preferred provider.

Does Tattoo Removal hurt and what is the recovery period?

Tattoo removal can be uncomfortable. That is why going to a medically supervised clinic is advisable. At Cosmetic Image Clinics we use the latest equipment available designed for tattoo removal and can provide shots of cool air using the Cryojet cooling system (similar to a Zimmer Cooler) during the tattoo removal treatment which helps to alleviate associated pain and aid the healing process.

Numbing cream can be applied to the area and we also offer other forms of pain relief so talk to our team upon arrival.

At Cosmetic Image Clinics we pride ourselves on making your experience as comfortable as possible.

You may return to work immediately after a treatment as there is no down time for this procedure, depending of the form of pain relief chosen, if any.

How does Laser Tattooing work?

Laser Tattoo Removal works by pulsing beams of light into the skin at billionths of a second. The differing wavelengths and pulse durations are absorbed by specific colours, allowing for single or multi-coloured tattoo treatment.

The shockwave breaks-up the pigment colours into smaller particles, which is then absorbed and removed by the body’s natural filtering systems without damaging the surrounding tissue.  With each treatment the tattoo becomes progressively lighter.

How many treatments will I need?

Fading a tattoo so a new design can be applied can typically take up to four treatments. Laser Tattoo Removal requires more treatments. The number of treatments will depend on the age, colour and type of ink used, and depth of tattoo in the skin and can take anywhere between three and twenty treatments. The average number of treatments is about ten. An overall fading or lightening usually occurs after each laser treatment.  The darker shades such as black or navy will commonly be the first to go. Some unevenness in colour can be seen but should even out after continued sessions.

How long does a laser treatment take?

Tattoo Laser Removal is quicker than getting the tattoo – approximately 1 hour of tattoo is equivalent to 5 – 10 minutes of laser.

What does Laser Tattoo Removal treat?

Laser Tattoo Removal can treat a range of tattoo types including:

  • Names, words or symbols
  • Bands or rings – around arms, legs, neck or fingers
  • Designs including flowers, characters, animals etc
  • Full, half or ¾ Sleeves
  • Large or small tattoos
  • Different sized, shape or colour tattoos

Does a Laser treatment leave scarring?

Professional laser treatment should not cause any scarring. In less than 1% of cases scarring can occur. Scarring may have occurred during the original tattoo or previous tattoo removal process but may not be evident.

Generally the lasers do not break the skin, so by following the after-care instructions given by the operator you should not have any scarring.

What type of Laser is used at Cosmetic Image Clinics?

There are a wide variety of laser machines on the market, with different power levels and technologies, which can mean the difference between a good end result and poor results.

Cosmetic Image Clinics have a Q-switched laser with four different wavelengths to target difficult to treat colours which emits extremely high energy, short pulses of light that shatter tattoo ink particles to allow them to be removed by the body’s immune system.

The most commonly used Q-switched laser for tattoo removal is Nd:YAG (532nm and 1064nm) laser. Nd:YAG lasers can be made to produce two different wavelengths (colours). Our Q-switched ND Yag laser has an extra two wavelengths which helps target the widest spectrum of colours in a tattoo.

Come in and get your tattoo examined by a professional who can give you the correct information and answer any concerns or questions you may have.

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