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Piercing Repair

Do you want to repair a body piercing and restore your natural look?

Times change and as we mature we can often regret piercings, you don’t have to live with it or give up on that dream job as piercing repairs are an option.

Piercing repairs, whether they are in the nose, lip, eyebrow, earlobe, belly button (umbilical) or anywhere else on the body, are performed when the hole has become stretched or torn or simply when the piercing is no longer wanted and the jewellery item has been removed.

The cause may be accidental or may be related to wearing excessively heavy jewellery or may simply be related to a change of mind. Cosmetic improvement of these obvious piercing scars and holes is now available.

We offer two methods or repairing any unwanted piercings. One method is surgical re-excision or we also offer the ‘Cross Technique’ method, which is a non-surgical procedure applying a chemical acid to the piercing to help re-heal the hole and stimulate new collagen growth.

For more information watch this video – The cross technique, TCA Tricloroacetic acid treatment for acne scarring and piercing repairs:

So you no longer have to live with that piercing. We can non-surgically repair those regretful body piercings or the skin damage caused by a piercing and restore your natural appearance!

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Before / After Gallery

Some examples of our fantastic results

All before and after photographs represent one client’s experience; sometimes more than one treatment is used and results may vary for each patient. All photographs IN THE GALLERY are of actual patients of Cosmetic Image Clinics. Some before and after photos shown are not precise, in that they may differ in light, contrast, clothing, background, angle or distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.

Your Questions Answered

More information on Piercing Repair

Why choose Cosmetic Image Clinics for your Piercing Repair procedure?

Cosmetic Image Clinics is owned and operated by former AMA Qld President and TV Medical Journalist Dr Ingrid Tall who has over twenty years of experience in the cosmetic medicine industry. Our clinic is medically supervised and if experience, credibility and a ‘natural look’ is what you are looking for, then make Queensland’s largest cosmetic clinic, Cosmetic Image Clinics your preferred provider.

What Piercing Repair options are available at Cosmetic Image Clinics?

There are generally two ways to repair a piercing. A surgical re-excision of the scar can be performed or either a chemical acid can be applied to the piercing to help re-heal the hole and stimulate new collagen growth. The latter approach is called the ‘Cross Technique’.

How is Piercing Repair performed?

If a surgical re-excision is required, then:

  • Local anaesthetic is injected with a very fine needle.
  • The damaged holes are surgically removed.
  • The resulting hole is repaired using fine suturing.
  • Sutures are removed after one week on average.

Please note: Stretch earlobe or ‘gauge’ earlobe repairs or large piercing holes need more significant surgical intervention and this simple process of the ‘Cross Technique’ will not usually suffice. Our cosmetic or plastic surgeons are available to help with these more complicated repairs.

Click here to read more about Gauge Earlobe Repair.

If the ‘Cross Technique’ can be utilised, then:

  • A high concentration acid (Trichloroacetic acid or TCA) is applied to the piercing hole.
  • This is reapplied every four to six weeks for usually a total of three treatments at Cosmetic Image Clinics within Aquarius Health and Medispa.
  • A small amount of high concentration TCA is applied to the piercing for a few seconds. This creates some ‘frosting’ or whiteness of the skin temporarily. No local anaesthetic or sedation is required. A mild stinging sensation is often experienced for a couple of minutes.
  • The piercing hole is gradually lessened by the stimulation of new collagen and skin which eventually grows up from the base and from the sides of the piercing as the healing process occurs. This process can take a year to complete with the stimulation of new skin and collagen. Further treatments may be required after a year if the cosmetic result is not sufficient to meet your expectation.
  • Often improvement is seen after the second application of the TCA. The cosmetic improvement continues to improve for the ensuing year.