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Are you ready to repair that unwanted piercing you regret? Do you hate the idea of piercing repair surgery? There’s no need. Repair it yourself right at home with this DIY Piercing Repair Kit. This is great for those who can’t make it to our Brisbane clinic in-person, whether it’s due to lockdowns, location, and more. 

Piercing repairs, whether they are in the nose, lip, eyebrow, earlobe, belly button (umbilical) or anywhere else on the body, are performed when the hole has become stretched, ripped, torn or simply when the piercing is no longer wanted and the jewellery item has been removed.

This kit is user-friendly and you don’t need to hold any medical qualifications to administer it to yourself. The risks are minimal if you just take extra care. Do not allow the acid solution to spill on your skin, do not inject it, and do not apply it close to the eye area. Be sure to contact us if there is anything you are unsure about. 

The DIY piercing repair kit is sent off to you with free shipping, complete instructions, and a farewell to that unwanted piercing you regret. This kit helps to re-heal the hole, and stimulates new collagen growth.

The best part? Our clients have said it is painless.



Please note: It is really important to take extreme care while using the acid solution. Do not allow it to spill on your skin. Do not ingest the product or apply close to the eye.

Kit contains: 

Alcohol Swabs

Chemical Peel (Medical Grade)

Stratecal Wound Dressing

Compeed Repair Patch

Dermal Roller 


Method of application: 

  • Degrease the area to be treated with the alcohol swabs to get rid of dead skin cells and sweat.
  • Using a cotton bud, protect surrounding healthy skin with Vaseline. 
  • Apply the chemical peel on clean, dry skin Wait for 2 minutes, and frosting or whitening of the area usually occurs. If it doesn’t repeat step 2. Repeat again if necessary for a maximum of 5 times.
  • Once it has frosted or whitened, apply a thin layer of Silicone  Wound Dressing. Allow a few minutes for the solution to dry.
  • Apply a Compeed Repair Patch to the area. 
  • Leave Compeed Repair Patch on for two weeks.
  • After the area has healed, repeat peel application every 2-4 weeks.


The skin roller should only be used after the skin has healed and there is no raw wound. The Dermal Roller can be used in conjunction with the peel kit, to increase collagen synthesis. Roll on the area treated for at least 1 minute. Use for a minimum of 3 times per week. 

Please note: you’ll receive this DIY pack in two packages. Cosmetic Image Clinics will mail you 4 out of 5 products of this kit. The pharmacy will send your chemical peel separately. 

We recommend coming into Cosmetic Image Clinics for an initial appointment for your piercing repair. Our nurses will guide you on how to apply the treatment and will provide you with your DIY Piercing Repair Kit before you leave. If you have any queries please contact us here. 

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