Micellution (micellar cleansing water)

A micellar cleansing water (Available for in-house purchase only.)


Micellution (250mL) is a gentle 4-in-1 micellar cleansing water that will effectively remove traces of makeup, oil build-up and impurities from the skin. In a few sweeps, impurities are dissolved without stripping the skin, leaving the skin purified, balanced, soothed and hydrated. Micellution follows the Synergie ‘Clean Science®’ philosophy, which means it is formulated without PEG, parabens, irritating surfactants such as SLS, artificial fragrance or colours. The calming solution makes it a skin-nurturing alternative to the harsh traditional face wipe. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and gentle enough to use on the eyes and lips.

Additional information

Weight0.31 kg
Dimensions55 × 55 × 195 cm


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