PINK BITS Anal & Genital Fading Cream – The ultimate in intimate lightening!

Pink Bits, Special proprietary formulation of a premier anal & genital fading and lightening cream, a recipe created by a cosmetic doctor with over 20 years experience in the cosmetic industry.

Pink Bits is a leading anal & genital bleaching, fading and lightening cream, specially formulated for these intimate areas. Now available instore and online at Cosmetic Image Clinics. Pink Bits is a combination therapy with multiple lightening agents including:

  • Arbutin – A lightening organic compound derived from Japanese Medicine
  • Kogic Acid – Extracted from berries
  • Vitamin A,C & E
  • Liquorice – Natural lightening agent with many skincare benefits
  • All in a soothing and calming Aloe Vera base.

You may also be interested in these complimentary packages that are available now for dispatch:

The light based IPL handheld device can be used in the comfort of your own home to help lighten and fade your intimate your intimate pigmentation. The IPL and chemical peel can be used independently or together in combination therapy to provide maximum results. The peel increases the turnover of the old pigment as fast as possible and is based on a 35% natural sugar compound.

OR you may prefer our * in clinic laser treatments for a professional anal or genital lightening, performed by our friendly experts in our relaxing patient rooms.

MORE INFO: At Cosmetic Image Clinics, we use  state-of-the-art Light Sheer Desire Lumenis Laser.

Other – 

  • Requires between 3 – 6 sessions.
  • PLUS maintenance treatments are required over time, to maintain results.
*Results may vary depending on your skin tone.

PINK BITS as featured in this month’s “STYLE Magazine”

Intimate Anal & Genital Lightening

“There are many forms of bleaching, fading and whitening available for the skin, hair and teeth. In recent years, as highlighted by the Kardashians, anal and vaginal bleaching have become much more popular as demonstrated in the popular ‘Bridesmaids’ movie.

There are several methods of Anal and Genital bleaching available, such as the specially formulated ‘Pink Bits’ fading cream, chemical peels, and laser treatments. In clinic and at home DIY treatments are available.”

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