Payment at Time of Service: You are responsible for ensuring that payment is made for your account by either cash, Eftpos or credit card payment. If for any reason your chosen method of payment is declined we may enter into agreed bank transfer as agreed by informed written consent at the time of your appointment. If you default on paying your account, interest on overdue invoices shall accrue daily from the date of your treatment. This shall be calculated at a rate of 5% per calendar month and such interest shall compound monthly at this rate until any judgement or full payment of invoice is made. If you default on any agreed payment plan of any outstanding invoices, Cosmetic Image Clinics will be indemnified against any debt including legal costs, which include Cosmetic Image Clinics’ and your own solicitor, and any Debt Collection Agency costs.

Suitability for treatment: Cosmetic Image Clinics does not accept all patients for treatment. Some patients are unsuitable for cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic Image Clinics reserves the right to decline or cancel further management of any patient if in the clinical opinion of the medical practitioner that the patient is unsuited for further care. Cosmetic Image Clinics offers no guarantee or warranty that any procedure will benefit the patient or have guaranteed outcomes. Cosmetic Image Clinics reserves the right to cancel individual membership programs at any time without entering into correspondence. As a patient at Cosmetic Image Clinics you acknowledge that there is no guarantee of results for any medical procedure. Whilst every effort is made to achieve desired outcomes you as the patient understand that these are not guaranteed. Satisfaction rates of all medical procedures performed at Cosmetic Image Clinics are high and procedure outcomes are regularly monitored for quality assurance.

Consultation fee: Patients seeing cosmetic doctors at Cosmetic Image Clinics for consultation may be charged a $70 fee. Specialists incur a fee of up to $200. The fee will be negotiated before the consultation takes place. The consultation fee may not be refundable through Medicare. Medical technicians are available for general advice however this is not a replacement for medical consultations.

Procedure Fee: Procedure fees vary according to the individual characteristics of the patient. Surgical procedures will require payment prior to scheduled surgery date. Prices of procedures may change from time to time. Expiry of special offers is non-extendable. Birthday vouchers must be redeemed within the expiry date of the declared anniversary.

Refund Policy: As there is no guarantee with medical procedures it is essential that the patient understands procedures are not an exact science. It is therefore not possible for Cosmetic Image Clinics or the consulting doctor to refund Procedure Fees. Cosmetic Image Clinics will make every reasonable effort to achieve the aesthetic outcome the patient requests however no guarantees are offered in relation to the effects of any procedure performed.

Credit Card Levy: Payments made by credit card will incur the current credit card surcharge at time of payment.

Cancellation Fee: Cancellation fees may be levied if the patient is unable to attend on the day of the booking. Cancellation fees are necessary when it is not possible to fill the vacancy caused by the cancellation. Abandonment: In the rare event that a procedure has to be abandoned during the procedure’s course because of health concerns, the doctor will resume the procedure at his/her discretion in discussion with the patient. The patient understands that the cost of the procedure must be met in these circumstances at all times, whether or not the procedure is completed.

Medications: Please note that patients are advised against driving motor vehicles or operating machinery as it can be hazardous for up to 24 hours post administration of any oral analgesia or medication likely to cause drowsiness. Adverse reaction: In the unlikely event of an unforeseen emergency involving the care of the patient, the patient will be evacuated to a hospital at the discretion of attending paramedics. All costs relating to the transfer and care of the patient remain the responsibility of the patient. Please advise your treating practitioner of any procedures, medication either oral or topical that you are currently or have recently taken or used.

Enhancement: The doctor will always make all reasonable efforts within the realms of safety, to achieve the result as discussed with the patient prior to the procedure. At times further improvement is possible in a subsequent procedure if deemed necessary by the practitioner. This procedure is termed ’enhancement’. Any enhancement or top-up treatment, will be charged at the applicable fee. As with any procedure complications can occur, these are covered in the written information which will be explained and provided to the patient at the time of consultation. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANY INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR PROCEDURE OR COSTS INVOLVED AT THE TIME OF TREATMENT YOU MUST INFORM COSMETIC IMAGE CLINICS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PRIOR TO SIGNING ANY FORMS, AS YOUR SIGNATURE IMPLIES FULL FINANCIAL AND AGREED CONSENT TO PROCEED.

Patient’s Rights: The patient is entitled to receive care which is consistent with the Codes of Conduct of the Medical Profession and relevant Associations. Such Codes of Conduct relate to, among other things, the provision of comprehensive and accurate information, standard of care, privacy and confidentiality. The patient is under no obligation at any time to undergo any procedure. Patient rights and responsibilities in the general field of medicine and cosmetic procedures are published on the internet – If you do not have access to the internet please inform Cosmetic Image Clinics.

Complaints Policy: Patient satisfaction is important to us. Cosmetic Image Clinics respects the right of patients to lodge complaints regarding any aspect of service or treatment. No one individual at Cosmetic Image Clinics is permitted to determine the validity or worth of any patient complaint/outcome. All complaints must be provided in writing and be addressed to The Medical Advisory Committee, Level 2, 70D Mary St Qld 4000. All complaints will receive scrutiny by the Medical Director, Manager and a nurse practitioner and replied to promptly. The patient is also entitled to express their concerns or complaints to the Office of the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner.

Patients Responsibilities: The patient must provide a full medical history to the attending practitioner, including medications, allergies, previous medical and surgical history or any facts that might reasonably affect any planned treatment administered by Cosmetic Image Clinics or its subsidiaries/contractors. The patient agrees to follow all instructions regarding aftercare and will take every reasonable action to inform the clinic of any concerns or complications arising from the treatment/procedure during the post-procedure period. It is the patient’s responsibility to inform Cosmetic Image Clinics if any aspect of the procedure and aftercare requires further clarification prior to commencement of treatment/surgery. The patient will observe and respect the right of privacy and confidentiality regarding themselves and other patients. Cosmetic Image Clinics will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of any of its staff by patients, family or friends at any time, or for any reason. Cosmetic Image Clinics reserves the right to refer any such matter to the authorities for prosecution.

Privacy Policy: Click Here to read the Cosmetic Image Clinics Privacy Policy.

created by Cosmetic Image Clinics Pty Ltd – as at June 2016

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